About the show

Escolta'm is a collection of own choreographies, which also includes pieces from some of the great masters of tap dance.
It is an energetic show where spectacular movements, improvisation and naturality are combined in order to transmit sensations, feelings and emotions, with the aim of reaching a complicity with the public.
For this initiative Guillem Alonso is surrounded by three more dancers of a new generation with great artistic qualities, with whom he wants to bring to the public the essence of tap dance; mainly as an instrument and rhythmic and visual element. Therefore, starting from the base of Swing, passing through Latin, Funky and other rhythms, he wants to prove that tap dance can be given many uses in the world of music, which are complemented by the style that each dancer adds to it.
BRT also uses tap dance as a basic way of composing rhythms, working with different textures and surfaces, and searching for rhythm without the need of musical support; only with what each dancer can do with his or her own instruments and the stage as an open space to experiment.
Directed by: Guillem Alonso.
Dancers: Guillem Alonso, Roser Font, Laia Molins, Rubén Pérez.
Musicians: Xavier Algans (piano), Pepo Domenech (contrabass), Néstor Busquets (drums).