The Company

Barcelona Rhythm Tap

BRT plays with tap dance as a basic form of rhythm composition. It works with different textures and surfaces, and seeks the rhythm without the need of a musical accompaniment.

Rhythm Tap: this is a style that has emerged from the evolution of tap dance. It requires a great technical quality that enables dancers to achieve different rhythmic tones. The taps of the shoes emit high and low sounds. That’s why we can use tap dance as an instrument of jazz music: we can follow a melody and we can improvise freely with rhythmic patterns or a voice accompaniment.

Barcelona Rhythm Tap (BRT) was born out of the initiative of nationally and internationally recognised dancer and choreographer Guillem Alonso, previous works include (Camut BandTap Olé and Boogie Woogie Tap). The vision of BRT is to create a stable company of emerging tap danacers in our city.